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One last outing 🍨 / goodbye my Berkeley and NYUAD friends :( (at Jeni’s Chagrin Falls)

Aug 20th
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The Nutella Store

Finally, an all Nutella store! Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Nutella store is dedicated to giving its customers the ultimate Nutella experience. Everything on their menu features a blast of yummy Nutella flavour like their Nutella Crepes, Croustatina alla Nutella and Nutella Hazelnut Cake. 

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Ramen burger 😋 Happy birthday @jz1002 ! 💕

Aug 02nd


TAO is also listening to Kris’ OST Time Boils the rain

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Happiest place on Earth! ⭐️ (at Disneyland)

Jul 01st
what happens when 2 dumbs try to out-dumb each other
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